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A low cost ROV you build yourself

An open-source ROV project on a budget! Create your own submersible remote controlled vehicle using accessible tools and readily available materials. Go exploring either with your school class, makerspace group, friends or family. A great way to get started with underwater projects, building, electronics and programming. 

An ROV you build yourself

The intention of this project is to show that a remotely operated submersible vehicle can be made from easily accesible materials.


Using state of the art low-cost electronics solutions and a design that requires a minimum of tools to be built, ensures that help is easy to come by. We have always aimed for creating a low threshold project which can inspire.


The design process has always aimed at creating a kit affordable for both schools and hobbyists. This is not only accessible for the enthusiast. 


This project is dedicated to be fully open-source, both hardware and software. This is achieved using open-access software and cloud based design services.


The eduROV started as a project for Makerfaire Trondheim, it has since then been a project in an engineering-design course at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Before it evolved into its current state as an open-source project. The journey has just begun!


We wish to provide plans and documentation for a DIY-ROV with a total component cost below ~300€.

Buildable and usable by makers, technology enthusiasts and schools.


Beeing an open-source project, we attempt to use technology and tools which are open and free for use to as high a degree as possible. All the digital tools we use are free to use, most of them are also open-source. The hardware-tools needed are all within the range you would expect to find in a hobbyist toolbox or in a local makerspace.


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